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3 predictions for artificial intelligence this year

There has bee a huge development in the field of artificial intelligence over the last few years. It is hoped that the trend will continue this year as well. Here are three predictions for artificial intelligence this year.

Positive reinforcement

The reinforcement technique used on animals can be applied to computers as well. In positive reinforcement, the animals learn some behaviors that have either a positive or negative outcome. Using the positive reinforcement approach, the computer will be able to find out how to navigate a maze using trial ad error method. Thus, the machine can learn without instruction. This concept can be used to solve complex problems. This year, we can expect that positive reinforcement will be applied to problems like industrial robotics or automated driving. Google has already shown interest in using this concept to make it’s data centers more efficient.

China’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom

China will become the major player in the AI field this year. They are no longer copying Western companies. The leading search company of China, Baidu, had an AI-focused lab. Chinese investors are looking forward to investing in startups focusing on AI. The Chinese government will invest about $15 billion in this sector by 2018.

Language learning

Language learning will be the next big thing in AI. There has been improvement in the voice and image recognition. The computer will now be able to generate language more effectively. If compters can communicate and interact with us in the language then the machine will become more useful.

If these predictions become true, then there will be a huge development in the artifical intelligence sector. We can work more efficiently than before using machines that will perform better.

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